Collection Upgrade

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Only the creator wallet can upgrade a collection.

Input the of the collection you wish to upgrade with unlockable content.

You can optionally also target traits.

1/4. Select Collection to Upgrade:

You can only upgrade one collection at a time

2/4. Select Traits to Target (optional):

If no traits are targeted, all NFTs in the collection will be upgraded

3/4. Select Contract Standard

Please select the collection's NFT contract standard

4/4. Upload a file

Supported File Formats:

aac, bmp, cbr, epub, flac, gif, glb, html, jpg, m4a, mkv, mp3, mp4, mpeg, ogg, ogv, opus, pdf, png, svg, tgz, usdz, wav, webm, zip

Max file size on this site is 10MB. Or through our API, it is over 350MB.