Collection Upgrade

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Only the creator wallet can upgrade a collection. Input the of the collection you wish to upgrade with unlockable content. You can target individual tokens or ranges of tokens with upgrades. You can optionally also target traits.

Please take care with your collection upgrade data and steps. You will be upgrading and making onchain associations with possibly many NFTs at once.

1/5. Select Collection to Upgrade:

You can only upgrade one collection at a time

2/5. Select Tokens to Target (optional):

If no tokens are targeted, then only trait choices will be targeted. For EVM you can include number ranges and select token IDs.

Example format: EVM ["0-20","25","52"] or Solana ["8Ykq9...UUcan","8cAyh...Snbsh","8CZMn...goD2T"] format

3/5. Select Traits to Target (optional):

If no traits are targeted, all NFTs in the collection will be upgraded

4/5. Select Contract Standard

Please select the collection's NFT contract standard

5/5. Upload a file

Supported File Formats:

aac, bmp, cbr, epub, flac, gif, glb, html, jpg, m4a, mkv, mp3, mp4, mpeg, ogg, ogv, opus, pdf, png, svg, tgz, usdz, wav, webm, zip

Max file size on this site is 10MB. Or through our API, it is over 350MB.