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We are in beta! Please forgive us for our foibles!

Your feedback will help us make the product better; please visit our Discord to give us feedback or ask questions.

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What the heck am I supposed to do with Darkblock?

Darkblock enables you to upgrade your NFT to deliver exclusive content to the NFT owner. That content will be initially unlocked in our TV App, but in the future we will enable Darkblocks to be accessed any way you want to consume that content. Within reason.

Read more about what Darkblock is all about here.

What types of NFTs do you support?

We support ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs that have been minted on-chain, or lazy-minted (not on-chain yet) using Opensea. More standards will be added as demand warrants! If you have any demands please hit us up on our Discord.

Why if I can't find my NFT?

The Opensea API we use for NFT metadata is less than perfect. And we are also less than perfect. Please use this form to enter in your NFT's contract address and token id to access it directly. If that doesn't work, come punch us in the face (nicely) on our Discord with the details and we will investigate asap!

Something broke! What do I do? Please hit us up on our Discord to surface any issues and we will fix them asap!

Is Darkblock fully decentralized?

Not yet. But, like many others, we are working towards full decentralization. More details coming soon!