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Darkblock in Hands
A Sample of Projects Using Darkblocks
In this small selection of NFTs across several of our supported chains, you can see use cases for music, video, metaverse assets, high-end collectible art, comic books and deep world-building and lore. Unlockables that allow creators to bring additional capability to their NFT projects and give owners more value to the collections they invest in.
  • Songs of Eden: MidiPunkz

    Pioneer Music NFT creator, pianist and multi platinum music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • bl0ckstone: SAFEHOUSE

    This is a living environment, meaning it's iterations & updates will change with time & use case.

  • Griff: Kelak the Swift

    Holders of this NFT have access to exclusive unlockable content, including Kelak lore.

  • Omega RUNNER - 1st Edition NFT

    The Omega Runner universe: a world where speed is the currency of power.

  • NFT Lottery Games

    Cyber Nets long awaited vision finally came true. The final world tier was complete.

  • Jungle Cats: Comic 1.0

    The Purpose of Existence. You must journey to find your GROAR and create new life.

  • Snotwart Steals Christmas

    The legend of Snotwart the Brave, and the story of how Christmas began in Goblin town.

  • From Iceland to EDEN

    An action driven love story about a young couple who become drug dealers in Reykjavik.


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Unlockable Upgrades Available on 5 Chains

We support ERC-721, ERC-1155, Metaplex and TZIP-12 standards as well as the test networks Goerli, Mumbai, Fuji, Solana Devnet and Ithaca.